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Week 10 Preview + Is 'NCAA Football' Actually Coming Back?

Happy Halloween!

Week 10 is coming up and while the slate isn’t super sexy, there are a few games that have major CFP playoff implications. We look closely at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, the big game in Memphis, the half-night game in the Coliseum and more.

Plus, big news came here earlier this week!  The NCAA said that they are going to be letting athlete’s make money off of their likeness and it made Brandon VERY excited at what may come from it.

By the way, there was a very scary moment during the show… and I apologize for screaming as loud as I could.

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[0:00] Intro, Brandon’s eventful day

[2:15] Kayce discusses her blog about Brandon wearing a Texas A&M yell leader outfit.

[3:10] November is when it’s all going to happen!

[7:30] How the first college football playoff will work out

[11:30] Ohio State’s toughest game remaining is….Michigan?

[15:00] Georgia – Florida preview

[24:00] A story about Kayce being mistaken for a stripper in a restaurant in Tupelo, Mississippi

[26:40] Minnesota & Baylor….who has more staying power?

[38:15] Players being able to profit off of their name, image, and likeness means one thing: NCAA FOOTBALL BACK!!

[47:50] The glow up of Coach O & the cocky comment by one of his receivers.

[57:45] Joey Gatewood transferring from Auburn

[1:02:30] Memphis – SMU preview

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