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Week 12 Review + Baylor Blew A 28-3 Lead


It feels like we had an entire season full of games happen on Saturday. From Baylor’s epic meltdown to Minnesota falling to Tua’s injury, we cover it ALL. We also discuss who could sneak back in to the CFP picture, who is under the radar and much more. PS – Jalen Hurts bailing Brandon Walker out is beautiful, beautiful irony.

We also have the first unanimous Shit List entry of 2019.

What a clown.

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[0:00] Intro

[3:10]: OU – Baylor. Brandon basks in the glory of his epic comeback against Dave Portnoy.

[16:20] Tua’s injury. What’s next for the Crimson Tide? Do they still have a shot at the Playoff?

[26:45] Brandon Walker unleashes a litany of TAKES.

[41:25] Can Auburn beat Alabama now that Tua is out for the season?

[47:15] Georgia has every ability in the world to win the Natty, but there’s one thing holding them back.

[1:00:50] Under the radar teams. Both good and bad teams.

[1:09:30] Hot Takes from the smartest audience in the entire world: you, the Unnecessary Roughness listener.

[1:26:00] SHIT LIST!

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