Week 13 Review + Chase Young Is Big Time Back

Is it just us or did Week 13 feel like a week long?

From Ohio State looking semi-mortal to the biggest upsets to the disaster in Miami, we cover it all. We also discuss Georgia’s chances of getting in the playoff, Michigan’s chances of beating Ohio State, who is getting “off the mat” and much more.

And as always, we take your hot takes. We may have found our favorite to make fun of all year.

I mean… come on, man.

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[0:00] Intro. Absolutes don’t exist in college football.

[5:00] Oregon exposed themselves as frauds against Arizona State. Does the Pac-12 still have a shot at the playoff?

[9:54] Ohio State showed a bit of vulnerability against Penn State.

[16:43] Brandon Walker’s TAKEAPALOOOOOZA!

[20:15] Ohio State cannot overlook Michigan next week.

[24:00] Georgia is sticking around, but there is just something off about them. At least they have the SEC officials on their side.

[33:00] The U is not back.

[35:00] 3 teams that have gotten off the mat and are building towards a great 2020.

[42:15] Is Tom Herman in trouble down in Austin?

[48:40] Are Coach O and LSU getting too big for their britches?

[52:00] Alabama continues to act like Tua died.

[57:45] HOT TAKES from you, the intelligent listener!

[1:21:05] SHIT LIST.

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