PMT: Special Thanksgiving Double Episode, Danica Patrick, Hasan Minhaj + Football

- Lamar Jackson is unstoppable and we find holes in the Ravens even though there aren’t any whatsoever (2:27 – 14:56).

– Sports things were thankful for and a preview of Thanksgiving NFL games (14:56 – 33:43).

– Hot Seat/Cool Throne and ranking the best trophies in College Football (33:43 – 54:13).

– Danica Patrick joins the show to catch up, tall crystals, her new podcast, and Aaron Rodgers (54:13 – 83:12).

– We preview the NFL Sunday slate with a couple huge loser leave town games (83:12 – 100:54).

– Thanksgiving FAQ’s and guys on chicks and an extra bonus interview with Comedian and Patriot Act host/creator Hasan Minhaj, new season streaming on Netflix now.