Rivalry Week Review + What Is Dabo Doing?!

Welcome back, folks! We hope you had a great holiday and loved every second of the football weekend just like we did. (Minus A&M, but whatever).

From the instant classic Iron Bowl to Ohio State embarrassing Michigan (AGAIN) to the leg hike heard in Mississippi ’round the world, we covered it all. It was quite an episode. We also add to the shit list, rattle through YOUR hot takes and discuss what it means for me to dress like I know the sport of football.

I’d post the original tweet, but the guy deleted his internet life. Coward.

Brandon also lets his takes fly on Dabo. I personally think there’s a method to his madness.

Clemson coming out with a vengeance, you heard it here first.

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[0:00] Intro

[4:15] Kayce needs to start dressing like she knows the sport of football?

[9:37] The best football game of the year: The Iron Bowl.

[17:00] Ohio State – Michigan. Ohio State is no longer unbeatable.

[25:00] Missouri fired Barry Odom. Who is next in the SEC?

[32:30] TAKEAPALOOOOOZA via Brandon Walker’s brain.

[47:45] Brandon is still tingling from the ending of the Egg Bowl

[1:10:45] The most insufferable fanbase of the upcoming 2020 offseason has emerged!

[1:17:15] Are there cracks starting to show in the Alabama dynasty?

[1:23:45] Hot Takes from you, the attractive audience.

[1:39:05] SHIT LIST!

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