Coaching Carousel + Cheating + College Football Officiating is TRASH

Folks, we have an EPISODE today.

We break down the New Years Six games and discuss which was our favorite. Speaking of, officiating was GARBAGE and it’s a big time problem. We also discuss the coaching carousel that one Thomas Brandon Walker is on right now and how it affects the rest of the country’s search.

We’re also on Tua watch. PS – cheating in college football is more than anybody else wants to admit.

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0:00: Intro. We are nearing the end of the season. Sad!

3:05: Brandon Walker is smack-dab in the middle of a coaching search after Joe Moorhead’s firing.

12:45: A recap of bowl season.

22:10 College football’s officiating issue.

26:48: Tua’s possible return is shedding light on the real cheating that is going on in college football

39:39: A few national championship thoughts.

45:00: HOT TAKES from the Roughnecks!

1:06:00: Kayce asks Brandon his take on Ole Miss hiring of DJ Durkin

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