Real vs. Fake Hype + Is The SEC In Big Trouble in 2020?

Happy Thursday folks!

As we get closer to the National Championship, we break down who we think has the most momentum going in to 2020… and who thinks they have momentum when they absolutely don’t. We also talk about the big opening at Baylor and Mississippi State and which one we think is going to be a better landing spot.

The big topic of the day revolves around which conference is going to be the best in 2020? The answer may surprise you.

Our mega National Championship preview episode will be out Monday, as well as the Barstool College Football show.


0:00: Intro

4:40: How did Matt Rhule get a job with the Carolina Panthers?

11:00: Mississippi State’s search for a new head coach has Brandon Walker feeling dead inside.

18:49: Tua has left…where does Alabama go from here?

26:08: Jake Fromm and a boatload of other Georgia players are leaving, does this open the door for the SEC to be dethroned as the best conference in the country?

35:13: Teams on the rise after the 2019 bowl season.

42:35: Teams with fake hype heading into the 2020 offseason.

48:45: Two-minute drill to learn a few more things about Kayce and Brandon

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