Is LSU The Greatest Team Ever?

Welcome to the off season baby!

On today's episode, we tie up the loose ends from LSU's victory on Monday. We talk Joe Burrow, Coach O and debate... is this the greatest team ever? We also dive into the news and notes of the week, including the Penn State lawsuit, the biggest non-big stories of the year and much much more.

We also debate the greatest sports movie from our childhood.

Don't forget, we are continuing to drop an episode every Thursday during the offseason. LFG.


[0:00] Jack Mac a sociopath?

[6:40] Cleaning up the title game. Brandon and Kayce give their final thoughts on LSU's spectacular season.

[10:47] Has OBJ kicked off an investigation into LSU?

[16:40] Was this LSU team the greatest college football team...ever?

[21:05] Penn State is in the news again for all of the wrong reasons.

[30:24] Top stories of the season....non-top tier teams edition.

[46:50] Two-minute drill!

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