We Refuse To Let Corona Stop Us From Talking CFB (+ Brandon Walks Out)

What a time to be alive, huh?

On this week's episode, we try to get away from the Coronavirus scare and just talk college football. It doesn't go as well as planned, but hey it's the thought that counts! We fill in the blanks surrounding college football, continue down our random players list, hit the two minute drill and much more.  

Oh and this happened.

See you next Thursday! 


0:00: Intro 

5:30: Brandon Walker attempts to go through news from around the nation in under 45 seconds. 

8:20: A questionnaire, presented by Brandon Walker. 

25:00: Random players time! 

38:00: Songs from college bands that get you, the Roughnecks, the most hyped. 

43:00: 2 minute drill