So, What Made You Fall In Love With College Football? (ft. Joey Mulinaro)

In case you missed it, Barstool hired the best impersonator in the game. I remember first seeing Joey around Thanksgiving when he went viral for his Nick Saban rant. 

He's been the best in the game ever since. 

He joined the UR crew for this week's episode and it was a treat. We got to know him, his love for college football and how the impressions came to be. We also went back down the random players list, re-lived some key college football moments and much more. 

We also took 2-minute drill questions from the listeners and watched Brandon lose it (again).

Stay safe and STAY THE FUCK INSIDE. See you next Thursday! 


0:00: Intro 

5:00: Getting to know Joey Mulinaro (@JoeyMulinaro on Twitter & Instagram), the man behind some of the best college football coach impressions (Coach O, Saban, etc.) on the internet. 

21:53: News from around the college football world. 

34:15: Random players. 

1:10:11: 2-minute drill featuring questions from you, the Roughnecks. 

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