PMT: Adam Morrison, Dick Pound From The IOC, NFL 100 RB List, + Mt Flushmore of Candy

It's all hands on deck to figure out a way to save sports forever. Big Cat has decided to take the approach they're never coming back in hopes to get everyone to figure out innovation (2:12 - 16:30). 

NFL 100 running back list is discussed and we make some additions and subtractions (16:30 - 31:20). 

Hot Seat/Cool Throne (31:20 - 46:09). 

Old friend of the program Adam Morrison calls in to talk about why now would be a great time to have an apocalypse bunker even though he doesn't have one plus a great John Stockton story (46:09 - 58:16). 

IOC member Dick Pound joins the show to talk about the reasoning behind Olympics cancellation, the fight against steroids, and whether or not he ever thought about going by Richard (58:16 - 81:58). 

Segments include Thoughts and Prayers to Joe Buck and Mt Flushmore of Candy.