Mike Leach Drama, July (??) and Brandon's Cat Tries To Kill Bunnies In The Middle Of Recording

We're back with a chaotic episode. 

We have a good amount of news and notes today in comparison to the last few weeks. (THANK GOD). From Mike Leach to Mike "Van" Gundy to ESPN's Laura Rutledge's new report on when players are expected back on campus... we dive into all the headlines of the week and debate how the Mike Leach stuff was handled. We also go through more random players and Jack makes his 2-minute drill debut.

We also have a PSA for all the people out there trying to say CFB should be cancelled already.

Oh and Brandon's cat tries to kill a family of bunnies... during the episode. This guy can't catch a damn break.

Stay safe and STAY THE FUCK INSIDE. See you next Thursday! 


0:00: Intro 

4:35: The national CFB media does not want you to have hope for a CFB season! We do! 

16:24: Mike Leach shared a meme on Twitter and boy did it cause some controversy. 

20:02: 6+ baby bunnies were found during this podcast. No, really, they were. 

36:20: Random players 58:20: 2-minute drill presented by Jack Mac

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