PMT: Kendrick Perkins, Top 10 QB's Of All Time, + Mt Flushmore of Places To Be Drunk

Sports have been scheduled and no tax day has everyone in a great move. Christian McCaffrey signs and we imagine what the perfect first game back would be (2:27 - 13:24). 

NFL 100 QB's and we rank our personal top 10 QB's of all time post 1980 (13:24 - 28:44). 

Hot Seat/Cool Throne (28:44 - 41:20). 

NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins joins the show to talk about his twitter beefs, playing with KG, his sons spending 16,000 on his credit card in fortnite and being a center in today's league (41:20 - 82:16). 

Mt Flushmore of places to be drunk and Guys on Chicks finish the show.