Are We The Only Positive Podcast In The CFB World!? (ft: Gus Duggerton)

Folks, do we have a SHOW for you!

There's so much that happened that I don't even know where to start.

-Which coach would take his shirt off first in a room full of 130 FBS coaches?
-What happened to Brandon's baby bunnies?
-Are we giving Jack Mac coronavirus to save the season or...
-What Brandon will be buying with his stimulus check?
-Would you take a defeated season from your favorite team or a national championship from your rival?
-Becoming the #1 college football podcast for positivity in the world... because fuck everybody else.

Oh and Gus Duggerton finally made his UR debut and it did NOT disappoint.

Thanks to everybody who submitted questions to Twitter and IG, you guys are awesome. We will be getting to more of them next week because there were so many good ones. 

(Also shout out to High Noon who is now the title sponsor of the podcast. It's actually REALLY fucking good, yall). 

Stay safe and stay the fuck inside. See you next Thursday! 


0:00: Intro 

4:16: News and notes from around the college football world 

13:39: Brandon interviews Gus Duggerton 

34:45: 2-minute drill presented by Kayce Smith

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