PMT: Bills GM Brandon Beane, Jay Glazer, Christian Dawkins and Mt Flushmore Of States

We got some Friday energy even though Jay Glazer didn’t deliver good news (2:27 - 10:56). 

Jay joins us to explain the national news Wednesday night and apologizes to all of us dumb football fans (10:56 - 22:54).

Fyre Fest of the week, we all suck at video games (22:54 - 37:47). 

Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane joins the show to talk about the upcoming draft,, draft war rooms and how much the name Beane helps in Front Offices (37:47 - 63:38). 

Mt Flushmore of states, no offense to states (63:38 - 80:20). 

Christian Dawkins from the HBO documentary “The Scheme” joins the show to talk about the 2017 FBI investigation of NCAA Basketball (80:20 - 109:11)