PMT: Trey Wingo, Gronk Is A Buc, Leroy Retires + Mt Flushmore Of Our Dumbest Fears

Rob Gronkowski is a Tampa Bay Buc and Leroy Insider called it 2 weeks ago. We talk about the trade, Leroy's retirement and how Hank's feeling after all of this (3:08 - 20:50). 

Hot Seat/ Cool Throne including every team doing new jerseys (20:50 - 37:49). 

Trey Wingo joins the show to talk about hosting the draft Thursday night, the logistical nightmare of a remote draft, why Tua is slipping, his Bear escapades, and we give him some tips from classic movies for draft 1 liners (37:49 - 62:24). 

Segments include This League and our Mt Flushmore of dumbest fears + the debut of PFTs new song "We Interviewed Condoleeza"