And With The #1 Overall Pick In The 2002 'Fuck Boy' Draft...


Sometimes you hear things about your cohosts and are shocked. Today is that day because Brandon tells a story circa 2002 that I will be laughing about for a while. 

Also on today's episode:

-Joe Burrow going #1 overall in a landslide.
-Kayce's bizarre experience seeing a man run with a football in his hand as he juked out imaginary opponents. You'll never guess what team shirt he was wearing.
-How much money would it take for you to know your team would win a national championship, but you couldn't watch any of the games.
-We continue our positivity for a 2020 season.
-Which WR is being underrated by the NFL

Stay safe. See you next Thursday! 


0:00: Intro 

0:44: News and notes from around the nation. 

19:21: Storytime with Kayce! 

24:00: NFL Draft preview 

43:25: 2-Minute Drill from the roughnecks

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