What's The Best CFB Play Of Your Lifetime? (+ Tennessee Fans HATE Jack and Brandon)

So... Tennessee fans are MAD at Jack (and they also already hate Brandon). 


So the boys get into that and how much of a cult college football fandom can be. We can all admit it, it's ok! 

Also in today's episode:
-Jack Mac vs. Tennessee
-Kayce crying listening to old episodes of UR?
-Memorable plays. 30+ of them
-When do we give Mizzou back to the Big 12?

PS - shout out the new flavors of High Noon. They are fucking DELICIOUS. 

Stay safe. See you next Thursday!


0:00 INTRO 

2:21: The state of Tennessee wants Jack Mac dead? 

24:21: News from around the college football world. 

31:20: Kayce tells a story of how listening to old Unnecessary Roughness episodes brought tears to her eyes. 

36:53: Our top 10 memorable plays from our college football lifetime

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