Forget The Pac-12... What's The Best Food In Your College Town???

So the Pac-12 isn't going to play this fall? Alright... well, we assume the show must go on right?

BUT much more importantly, we asked the good people on Twitter to tell us about their favorite food in college towns. 

Folks, let me tell ya...we spent 30 minutes talking about straight FOOD. Brandon was in Heaven. I think he might like talking about food more than he likes playing in the dirt and that's big.

We may or may not be making a trip to Stillwater in the VERY near future.

Also on today's episode:
-Do we actually care about transfer portal rankings?
-Brandon has to MFK: Tennessee, Florida State, and Oklahoma
-Kayce goes on a rant about kids from her high school who went to TCU
-Would Kayce shave her head to guarantee a college football season this year 

… and we make a prediction about our good friends over at High Noon:

Stay safe. See you next Thursday!


0:00: Intro 

5:13: News from around the nation 

23:53: The best food from college football towns across America 

56:25: Questions from the Roughnecks. 

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