The Best College Football Programs Are...? (+ Brandon's Thoughts On The Mississippi Flag Situation)

We were back in studio for the first time since March and BOY, did it feel good. 

First of all, both Brandon and I felt like absolute shit from the Hotdog Eating Contest (yes, we decided to record right after for some unknown reason)... so it was quite a showing by me. Second of all, you need to listen all the way through because Brandon has a very passionate rant on the Mississippi State And Kylin Hill flag situation.

Also on today's episode:
-We answer your questions
-Discuss win totals and give our over/under predictions
-Debate whether Tennessee's black jerseys are good or not
-Decide which college football program is which Entourage character (more on this to come)
-Coaches as baby faces & heels

See you next Thursday!


0:00: Intro 

3:00: Brandon's time in Mississippi. 

15:35: Answering questions from the roughnecks 

51:44: Win totals that Brandon Walker is liking early in the summer 

55:55: News from around the nation 

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