PMT: Kenny The Jet Smith, Washington Post Report + A HEATED Debate

The Redskins are a trash organization as a new report comes out from the Washington Post. PFT breaks down the best moments in the Dan Snyder era because there are basically none of them. (2:08-13:10)Twitter broke for blue checkmarks and it was awesome. (13:11-17:42) Fyre Fest of the week and the rehabilitation of Billy Football. (18:58-30:56) Kenny the Jet Smith joins the show to talk about Inside the NBA, working with Charles Barkley, his basketball camp, moving to a Front Office job and life inside the NBA bubble. (32:00-1:13:00) Segments include Football guy of the week for Coach O, (1:14:48-1:18:56) Bubble Life, (1:19:00-1:20:16) and we have the dumbest debate of all time that proves we need sports back in a bad way. (1:20:17-1:28:08)