We've Got BEEF Broiling, Folks (+ Brandon's Most Interesting Teams in 2020)


On today's episode, we discuss how I may or may not be getting canceled on the some Aggie message boards for not standing up to Brandon enough. We get into the sad times at the end of the podcast with a dramatic reading of a DRAMATIC DM from a fellow Ag. 

We also start our official 2020 season preview (we still have hope!!) with Brandon's most interesting* teams for the upcoming season.

*with an important caveat 

We also discuss:
-The ACC's schedule announcement
-Brandon gets in his CFB journalist rant of the week
-CFB Bubbles!
-Editorializing tweets?

See you next Thursday! 


0:00: Intro with a side of breaking news from the ACC! 

11:10: News from around the college football world. 

22:00: The most interesting teams in each conference for the 2020 season 

51:17: Bubble talk! 

1:06:00: Is Kayce getting cancelled on the Texas A&M message boards?!?

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