PMT: George Kittle, The Big Show, Grit Week 2020 Livestream & Spongebob Table Read

Grit Week 2020 is in the books and we’re taping off a 24 hour livestream. Recapping dumbest moments and the fact the we basically had a grade school sleepover for work. (2:40-8:38) Joe Kelly, NBA is back and Patrick Mahomes somehow got picked 4th overall.(8:39-15:30) Fyre Fest of the Week.(16:13-20:18) 49ers George Kittle joins the show to talk about the upcoming season, the Super Bowl, and Grit. (22:07-47:37)The Big Show joins the show to talk about his wrestling career, heel turning, and having a cameo in The Thong Song. (49:29-113:58) We finish with a Spongebob Table Reading from 8 am (1:15:56-1:32:41)