PMT: Huge Announcement With Deion Sanders, B1G Cancels Football, Hard Knocks, and Dungeons & Dragons I

The B1G and Pac 12 have cancelled their football seasons and it equals pain (3:02 - 9:23). Hard Knocks episode 1 was just a long coronavirus commercial (9:23 - 17:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne with Kyle Kuzma, Steve Spurrier and Billy Football vs Jake (17:30 - 34:46). Deion Sanders joins the show to announce his signing with Barstool, the podcast he's going to do, and whether or not he would lock down Michael Thomas (34:46 - 55:09). Timm Woods joins us in studio to continue our Dungeons and Dragons game and we had a MAJOR plot twist (55:09 - 100:06).