So... What If The Season Doesn't Actually Happen?

We pause for a second at the beginning of the episode to acknowledge what's going on in the world and how it's impacting sports. 

Then for a second - even for just an hour - we try to give you an escape and talk college football (which is still on, baby). We talk news and notes and then dive into the AP Poll which is RIDICULOUS. 

We also go into the voters... it causes QUITE a scene.

Also on today's episode:
-No tailgating, but sailgating is allowed?
-Why we think BYU is always going to be good.
-The 1st week of the CFB season.
-Central Arkansas wants all the smoke.
-Ponder what we will do if the season doesn't happen. Emphasis on IF.

See you next Thursday! 


0:00: Intro and a message from Brandon Walker & Kayce Smith 


15:40: The opening weekend of college football 

29:45: The absurdity of the AP Poll. 

54:30: What the Roughnecks will do if there isn't a season this fall.