Week 13 Preview: Did The Playoff Committee Get It Right?!

Happy Thanksgiving Week! We decided to drop the episode a day early so you can listen before your travel, commute or whatever you are doing for your holiday.

We are thankful for YOU!

On today's episode:
-Discuss how hard the word rivalry is to say
-Debate whether the CFP committee got it right
-Dive into this week's slate of games
-Preview the Egg Bowl stream with Brandon Walker and Ben Mintz
-Brandon yells about The Grove
-Kayce wonders what having a real rival feels like
-Should Notre Dame be worried about UNC?
-The Roughnecks tell us what they hate the most about their rivals and what they are most grateful for this year
-Is BYU ducking Washington?
-Dabo is mad as hell at FSU

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0:00: Intro 

6:01: CFP rankings reaction 

16:44: Rivalry week 

28:59: News from around the nation 

46:16: Preview week 13 

1:11:16: Roughnecks answer why their rival SUCKS 

1:23:18: Roughnecks answer what they are grateful for this year!