Week 13 Review: Is Texas A&M A Playoff Team?

On today's episode:
-Kayce woke up underneath the hood of a car? (Spray Tan 101)
-Egg Bowl stream recap
-Why did the SEC Network announcers not want A&M in the playoff last night?
-How impressive was Notre Dame's win?
-Alabama's defense...still a problem? Or not?
-Sarah Fuller made history
-Derek Mason fired as head coach
-Northwestern did what they do best....blow it
-Pac-12 hopes are dead?

... and MUCH more. 

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0:00: Intro + Kayce's fake tan 

11:48: We reveal the AP Top 25 to ourselves 

40:53: Brandon reviews the Egg Bowl 

47:36: Sarah Fuller makes history 

1:05:01: Which coaches are on the hot seat? Which ones will get fired? 

1:33:58: Hot takes from the Roughnecks 

1:48:04: Kayce RIPS into SEC Network announcers for talking down on A&M's playoff resume!