Someone Bet the Hawks to Go To The Finals on May 3rd and He’s 3 Games Away From a HUGE Payday

As much as I like making money myself, I also really really like hearing stories about other people making money and making moves on their ballsy instincts. 

I get scared placing $250 on a long shot. Imagine putting $40k on a team that had just got blown out three times in the last week to make AND win the NBA finals.

That’s exactly what happened when a bettor on May 3rd in a casino that shall remain nameless, placed $20k on the Atlanta Hawks to go the Finals and another 20k on the Hawks to win it all. 

Are you kidding me? We have to dissect this. 

First of all, the Hawks were 35-30, coming off a 1-3 week where they not only lost to the Sixers twice by a combined 66 points, the team they would NO DOUBT have to go through in order to get to the Finals. And oh by the way, the Hawks also got destroyed by the Pistons, the worst team in basketball. 

He placed the bet on May 3rd at 11am. They played a healthy Portland Trailblazers that night with the Phoenix Suns on deck. WOOF. 

Oh yeah, they did have a win in their most recent game when they beat a Zach LaVine-less Bulls squad. 

I mean, what gives? Why would you do this? The only sane answer is the odds dropped like a boulder down a mountain. 

Either that, or this guy is fucking Nostradamus. Because not only did the Hawks go out and beat the Blazers that night, they murked the Suns by 32 points. After he placed the bet, the Hawks finished the season 6-1. 

Nobody thought this was a good bet at the time. The Twitter thread was FULL of haters, and some of them were very, very funny. Here are some highlights:

“As a Hawks fan and a fan of Atlanta sports in general, I can tell you that that bettor should have just saved himself some time by setting $40k on fire and been done with it.”

“Did this bettor not see the Sixers obliterate them twice in a row, or …”

“...Today, in burning money for fun”

If the Hawks win the NBA title this year? The bettor would net $2.8 million. 

Now there’s no guarantee that will happen. But come on now. No one saw the Hawks coming. And even if all they do is go to the Finals, he’s looking at an insane payday. 

If they do win? My suggestion would be (because I’m the most petty human on earth), to go back into this thread and just type “what about now?” 

I need to know who this guy is. One of the most savvy bets in hindsight I’ve ever seen. I know he must have hedged in some way, but god damn this is impressive. Now I have yet ANOTHER reason to root for the Hawks in this playoff run. 

Rooting for Mr. Nostradamus and his 2.8MM payday. We talked about this on the most recent episode of THIS LEAGUE. Make sure to check it out on YouTube and Apple/Spotify.