Derrick Henry Is Going To Force The Washington Commanders To Bow Before Him This Week

Recorded: October 5, 2022 | We don't ever want to get ahead of ourselves at Bet The Bus but Payoff Willy has been absolutely ROLLING the past two weeks. He's 7-2 and the good vibes are flowing. 

Good vibes means good bets and good bets means good you know what. This week Payoff Willy looks to continue his run and even adds a bonus game in there. 

The Guy also joins us but he is rumored to be in prison right now so it is a little different. Enjoy the show and don't forget to like and subscribe!! 


Gamblers Prayer 

Recap of last week 

Motivational speech 

NCAA Bets 

NFL Bets 

Bet The Boys Parlay 

The Guy

 Bet The Bus Lock of The Week


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