The NFL Tried To Take Me Out... Now They Will Suffer The Consequences | Bet The Bus Is BACK

Recorded: January 11, 2022 | After an 8-week hiatus and a battle vs the NFL that will be etched in the history books, the greatest mid-level gambling show on the PLANET is BACK. 

Roger and his boys did their best to get me out of league and keep food off of my families table. The gave me a pretty shitty hand. Just one problem. 

I was always the dealer. 

This week we are serving up all winners and no losers as we dive into super wild card weekend in the NFL Playoffs. I give my thoughts about Tom Brady and why his newest girl is every sign we need to pick them this week, how dangerous Josh Allen and the Bills are, and lastly the reason Trevor Lawrence has the Chargers on upset alert. 

Lock in and let's make some money boys. 


0:00 We are BACK 

2:00 Payoff Willy's message to the NFL

3:30 The Gamblers Prayer 

4:30 Jack's Banger Quotes

 7:00 49ers vs Seahawks 

8:45 Jaguars vs Chargers 

10:40 Dophins vs Bills 

12:29 Giants vs Vikings 

14:31 Ravens vs Bengals 

16:16 "The Guy" 

19:26 Bucs vs Cowboys