I May Have Asked P.K. Subban Too Many Questions Last Night

Last Night RA came into town so we hopped on twitch to gamble on some Bruins hockey. As were sitting there he lightly drops that a guest might be stopping by and that guest ended up being P.K. Subban which is a huge deal. He couldn’t be cooler of a guy but during the stream there was so many people tuned in wanting to ask him questions. The best part of twitch is that people comment on the stream and ask questions. I was reading off a shit ton of questions and P.K. thought I was just asking them myself and not from the chat. When he found that out it was laugh out loud funny. Thhats why Barstool is the best because you can have an unexpected player just stop by and just hang out. It just shows how normal these guys really are and it was cool as shit for him to do that. Wild night.