VIDEO: Missouri Football Is The #1 Locker Room In The Country After This Marching Band Video

I’ll get more into Mizzou when I do my previews, but they are a team I am going to be looking to gamble on every single week. I think they are a scary team with Kelly Bryant this season.

This video only makes me more bullish on them. Talk about absolute electricity inside that locker room. From the beginning to the end.

There’s nothing like sports locker rooms. If you played sports in high school, you understand when retired players say “I miss the locker room more than anything.” That’s what I miss about playing high school sports. Maybe it’s different if you are, you know, actually good at sports, but I wouldn’t know.

Anyways, this video is amazing. The NCAA should reverse Mizzou’s bowl ban strictly because of this video. How you going to keep this man out of the postseason?

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