Building Team Walker: Round 1

Building Team Walker: Round 1 of my friend squad interviews

No man is an island. We all need a solid group of people behind us in order to become the best we can be. Or something like that. Shit, I just need a premise for this.

So I’m moving to New York this weekend. As I’m leaving both my lifelong friends behind in Mississippi, I’m faced with getting acclimated to the city and to the north by myself. Thus, I need a squad of friends around me. I need people who will play Playstation 2 with me. I need guys who understand references from Best In Show and That Thing You Do. I need dudes that have fierce opinions on the top 10 sports movies ever. I need five versions of me.

And yes, five. That’s a solid friend squad number. Anything less than that and you’re just not very likable. Anything more than that and you’re just showing off.

So when I returned to Barstool HQ recently, I did so with one goal in mind: To start building Team Walker.
As soon as I started the squad-building, problems arose. First of all, there’s a shit-ton of people at Barstool HQ. No chance I’m remembering all those names. Second, the very first guy I interviewed for the position got fired the very next day.
That can’t be a good sign.
So bear those problems in mind, as this is the first batch of Team Walker interviews. There will be more coming soon.