Walk The Line has arrived to New York City

Walk Bags is here. Nearly four months after being hired by Barstool, I walked into Barstool HQ this morning as a local employee for the first time this morning. It’s been a crazy few months but I am ridiculously entertaining and charismatic, so it’ll most likely work out for the best.

A couple of Walk The Line announcements: We will go live each day on @BarstoolGamblin’s periscope at 5 p.m. ET, an hour earlier, from here on out. And Walk The Line will feature a guest each day.

We started off the guest format with Big Cat today, who casually dropped a 3-team ML parlay. Cat likes Yankees, Reds and Cubs ML tonight, a parlay that would pay out +230.

As for me, I’ve got three picks. The first is in Chicago, where I go against Big Cat with A’s ML +150 over the Cubs.

Other picks from Walk The Line: 

Braves-Twins under 10

White Sox ML (-130) over Tigers

Viewer pick

Martin Rocha: Rangers-Indians over 10