I Went 3-0 On Walk The Line Last Night And Some Are Saying I'm The Best Gambler Of All-Time

If you missed Walk the Line last night with Thomas Brandon Walker and myself, I feel sorry for you. Sorry that I gave out a perfect card with 3 easy winners that you didn’t even have to break a sweat for.

I gave you Over 9.5 in Brewers @ Pirates: It smashed in the Bottom of the 7th

I gave you Diamondbacks -150 vs Phillies: They won 6-1 and never trailed in the game

I gave you Yankees -1.5 -160 and said don’t hesitate for a second, just lock in the bet and collect your winnings: The Yankees won 14-2

The kid is on fucking fire! If you’re a billion dollar bettor you’re up 3 billion units on my picks. Ride with ya boy and the rich get richer. Unfortunately Thomas Brandon Walker went 0-2 for the second night in a row. You really hate to see that kinda thing. Guy moves his family of 6 all the way from Mississippi to New Jersey as a “Gambling Expert”, only to get smoked on his own show by some dumb 24 year old fat fuck. Tough to see.

Dave has been roasting me about picking favorites but the fact of the matter is favorites are just hitting right now. Take the juice and chip away it day by day. Hard hat and lunch pail mentality come everyday looking to grind and get in the green. I’ll be coming on Walk the Line weekly giving you locks on locks on locks. Tune in Live at 5pm EST Monday-Friday on @BarstoolGamblin