Walk The Line: Finishing off Walker week the right way

So I’m mentally exhausted. The end of my first week at Barstool and I’ve been carrying the entire operation for 5 days. It gets tiring. Go here with Mush, do this with Dave, be the funniest, most charming guy we have. The demands never stop.

But here we are. Friday has arrived. With Mush gone and Big Cat refusing to do more than one show a week, Walk The Line reached out to the biggest gambler at Barstool: Kate.

For tonight’s picks, I’m tired of fighting heavy favorites in Major League Baseball. The Yankees beat the shit out of somebody every single night. It’s past time I make some money on that. Yankees run line (-125) over Jays is the pick.

Other picks from Walk The Line:

Mets ML (+105) over Nats

Braves RL over Marlins

Steelers -2.5 over Bucs

Viewer pick: Canadian correspondent Kyle Gingras, 3-0 in CFL picks, says Montreal-Saskatchewan over 49.5.