MICKSTAPE: BIG3 Championship Weekend

(above is a brief recap of our BIG3 experience in Dallas last week)

Mickstape LIVE…..from L.A. Live!!!!!

I must say, I started saying LA was a Clippers town in jest….but now I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Billboards! Billboards I’ve seen with my own eyes full of Clipper propaganda! Conversations! Conversations that I’ve overheard in restaurants about people being excited about the Clippers. Livid! Livid is what Coach Best Selling author Jason Brown was when I suggested this to him, as a longtime Laker fan.

We’ve discovered a new bit/schtick here at the Tape™: Upsetting our guests tremendously. It works like a charm! Coach JB almost put his cigar out in my eye for suggesting LA was a Clippers town. Corey Maggette was about this close to choking the Mick Man out for reasons you’ll soon find out. Joe Johnson was ready to throw us out of his palatial estate once we got to slandering his Dallas Cowboys.

In typical Whiskers’ fashion, I decided to cover all my bases here for the title game. In Dallas, we were able to get in good with Josh Powell/Frank Nitty from the Killer 3’s, and Al Jefferson/Jamario Moon (interview soon cometh) from Trilogy. In LA, we were able to sit in with Coach Oak and the gang the night before the big game and we found some time to drop by Joe Johnson’s house to introduce him to goat yoga.

Plenty to come this week, and congratulations to my Trilogy/Killer Threes for cutting down the nets on this fine afternoon!