Surf & Turf Football Podcast Launches Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, the inaugural episode of the Surf & Turf podcast will set sail and I couldn’t be more excited to bring this show with my co-host, Super Bowl Champion, Willie Colon to all of you. To be honest, the idea came about when Willie approached me looking to work on a different, football related project together. After talking about what we wanted to do and what holes in coverage we had at Barstool, we decided to lean in to what he had the most experience in, which was player relationships and talking with guys for real, no bullshit. Surf & Turf will be an interview focused show where we’ll have one player on every week to talk about stories from their playing days from on and off the field. We’ll touch everything from study habits to strip clubs and really give the audience a different view of the players and the league than you’ll see on TV. Barstool Sports is the perfect platform for this and I can’t wait to get rolling tomorrow morning, but take a sneak peak here to see what you’re in store for.

Until then, please:

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