The Barstool Sports Fantasy Football Content League Draft Will Be Live Streamed Starting At 5. This Is The Draft Order

This is sure to be a shitshow so make sure you tune in. Also watching Glenny Mush and Spider nearly drown trying to bob for apples is a nice way to kill 20 minutes in the cube to end the day. The amount of drama that has stemmed from putting Nate and Hubbs on a team is something even I couldn’t have expected despite working here for what feels like a million years. We
1. Rone
2. Barstool Breakfast plus Glenny
3. Fran and Kate
4. Marty Mush, Brandon Walker and Big Ev
5. Hank
6. Hubbs
7. Smitty
8. Coley and Tyler
9. Clem
10. Big Cat and PFT Commenter
11. LCB
12. Team Portnoy