Making A Gambler - What Is A Unit?

For nine years or some shit I've been surrounded my gambling at this company and at best I've always barely understood it. I tried to get in on it when I first started but I lost 14 dollars on a random college basketball game and had zero money to eat so I had to make a decision. Since then I've more or less been a dumb kid in high school Spanish who was picking up a word or two but really had no idea what was being said. I know the gambling buzzwords, I have some idea how it all works, but I'm still very lost and at this point I was too afraid to ask for direction.

Naturally, when you're too scared to do something like a regular human you just make it content so it's funny when you're a moron. Gambling is too hot in the streets to have no clue how to follow and I have a feeling there are a lot of people who, like me, are intrigued but intimidated by the idea so this is for you guys. There's so much yelling and it's such a hobby that has some horror stories that no one wants to be the person who outs themselves as a noob. So I'll do it for you.

Come on the journey with me while I learn about gambling. Once a week we'll drop these episodes with Professor Rat holding my hand.