Eagles Moneyline Was The Most Exhilarating Win Of My Gambling Life (Three Weeks)

What a set of circumstances we had on our hands here. This week on Making a Gambler we learned about moneylines so naturally I had to take my first moneyline, we went with Eagles cuz it’s Marty’s favorite animal.

Well, come the end of the game Marty’s mother, who he’d left at the train station for a period of time that was enough to get her upset, needed to be picked up. Naturally that meant we had to go on IG Live so I could give him the play by play for the ride.

Hitting a moneyline, over (hit way earlier but whatever) and getting to deliver it all to your friend while he’s in the car was a 10/10 moment I’ll never forget. Gambling is awesome.

Watch the full Making a Gambler Moneyline episode here