Looking At My Gucci It's About That Time: Rear Admiral's Gambling Corner Is Back And Ready For Another NHL Season

Rear Admiral’s Gambling Corner has returned! With the NHL season starting Wednesday, RA offers a future and some tips.

What’s up, gang? I hope all you degens had a nice summer or lovely winter and a special shoutout to Gaming Community members who sit through 4:58 long MLB games to sweat out 28-to-a-quarter action. My Stanley Cup winnings weren’t anything like they were in 2011* but the hedging still paid for a few meals.

After a summer of betting random horses online, golf majors, and the Emmys (shoutout to “Fleabag” for the small profit I grinded out), I’m fiending for a pulled goalie so bad that I might go Ass to Ass. Fortunately, the NHL is back Wednesday night so I won’t have to degrade myself until April.

I’ll have game picks on the day of the game on Twitter, IG, here, and elsewhere. On today’s Spittin’ Chiclets, I gave out one team who you might still be able to get some Stanley Cup value on. I also explain why I like to sprinkle the infield during the course of the season. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not a big O/U on points guy or “will so-and-so make the playoffs?” bets. I prefer the daily and weekly grind and the stratospheric high an empty net goal provides.

But my one promise to you is that I won’t give out any shitty “tips” to mislead you into laying road points with a bad team that’s 0-4 (if per chance I do, then I won’t try to skirt responsibility for it).

One play so far: DALLAS TO WIN STANLEY CUP 17/1 500/8500.

I’ll see you back in this space Wednesday to start the year with some winners.

*—denotes fictional passage