Here's The Thursday Night Pick From Rear Admiral's Gambling Corner On Today's Spittin' Chiclets

Rear Admiral is back with another Gambling Corner on Episode 206 of Spittin’ Chiclets. RA gives a pick for Thursday night and finally addresses the kid from Philly who never paid him.

[Note, whenever I say/write “puck line”, it always means -1.5.]

Shit start to the new season so everything is back to normal. OV9.5 +500 in TOR/OTT was too ridiculous a price to ignore and it was set up perfect for me: I had 10+ minutes of garbage time to get three goals. With the Senators involved. Alas, I only got one more so my first chase of the season ended at the bottom of another gambling chasm.

I also threw in a puck line action reverse with the Caps and Sens that went to the shithouse. Again, more chasing #s. If just one team covers, there’s a profit. If both do, you feel like a genius for five minutes (til the next L). But this was the best kind of loss—when you don’t even sniff the win.

If I’m only taking two puck lines, I always AR them. If you parlay two puck lines, you lose one game and you lose the bet. But with an AR, you can lose one game and still turn a profit (depending on return). And even though parlays are a sucker’s bet (all due respect), hitting a 3-team puck line parlay can change your season. The return is worth taking a shot.

I had to make tonight’s pick while recording Chiclets last night so didn’t have lines to peep yet. But it didn’t matter as I was on the Habs in Raleigh regardless. They’re +140 on the money line and the puck line is…


I know everyone is on the Canes’ hog after their fun run to the ECF last season. But I see this as Carey Price vs. Petr Mrazek. And I’m on Price.

Taking Montreal +140 for 500/700 and Montreal -1.5 +280 500/1400.

(Some sites do not offer the “Alternate Puck Line”. No, I do not have a site to recommend.)