Mush Isn't As Talented As Gleyber Torres, But It's Close

If you were wildly confused at what was happening at the 2:57 mark of this best-of reel, I don’t blame you.

Gleyber just made the play of the game saving the bullpen’s ass and then Marty Mush proved to everyone that he could play 2nd base in the majors. We lost our minds over on the Barstool Sports/Barstool Bets Twitter stream.


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JonD1010 10/8/19 8:28 PM

That fat fuck Ev saying "we're gonna win the world series, we're gonna win the fucking world series!" @ 3:15 is sickening. Remove him from all content Yankee related, please


notoriouskev24 10/8/19 8:20 PM

Cannot trust Mush picks when he changes after what he publicly says. How can i fade if he switches his own picks?