The Pick Is In For Rear Admiral's Gambling Corner And Biz Has Some Wild Prop Stories

Rear Admiral is back with another Gambling Corner from episode 208 of Spittin’ Chiclets. RA gives a pick he LOVES for Thursday night and Biz gives a crazy story about his friend hitting some crazy prop bets.

It’s been a rough ride for ol’ Uncle Rearsy lately. When NFL Sunday is the highlight of my gambling week, that’s typically not a good thing for a fella who fancies himself an NHL prognosticator. Though there are exceptions.


The Carolina Hurricanes have cost me more in the last week than Hurricane Gloria cost all of New England in 1985. Sharks backers have gotten the Quint treatment. If I tried to pick my ass right now, I’d blind myself.

My supposed bread and butter, I’ve hit just one puck line action reverse (PL AR) so far. I typically play a $250 PL AR with the two teams returning at least +200 on the -1.5. If I split, I don’t lose anything and occasionally turn a small profit (like Tuesday when the Jets +280/Panthers +225 split but made $200). On a standard AR with -110 juice, a split on a $250AR would lose $300. And if I pop both sides, I’m looking at a minimum $2000 winner.

Needless to say, boys and girls, it’s time to turn this fucker around and it starts tonight.

The Blackhawks just flew 9000 miles to lose to the Flyers in a game that some media idiot no doubt referred to a “rematch” of the 2010 Stanley Cup Final. Even though they got extra time off, I think the Hawks come out a little sluggish. But they’re gonna come out sluggish vs. a pissed-off 0-4 Sharks team that absolutely needs a win and it’s gonna cost them. I have the Sharks finally getting off the schnide and into the win column.

I’m on the San Jose Sharks 1100 to make 1000 and -1.5 for 500 to make 1025.

I’m also using the Winnipeg Jets (-115/-1.5 +205) and Anaheim Mighty Ducks (+120/-1.5 +265) like $5 whores but just not exactly sure how yet. But the Sharks are the main play and the Jets and Ducks are side pieces.

Good luck to all.