Carlos Correa Walks It Off As The Yankees Blow a Gold Mine Of a Chance To End The Series

Astros 3 Yankees 2 F/11

No way to sugar coat it. That sucked. Five hours of hanging onto every single pitch. Knocking Verlander out before the 8th inning. Having the lead on JV going into the 5th. Getting 4+ innings of the Astros bullpen and doing absolutely nothing with it. Some half innings went by so quick you forgot they happened. You just have to win that game. The series was over. They had it in their hands. Ottavino shit himself again and continues to look completely lost out there. Paxton was never right, missing pitches all over the place. DJ getting cut down at home on that Gardner base hit up the middle. Gary looking so lost at the plate. Edwin clueless as can be. Judge’s amazing blast off Verlander goes to waste. This all fucking stings.

Regardless, the Yankees did what they didn’t do in 2017. They stole a game in Houston. Now they head back to New York with the series in their hands. Take care of business in front of the Yankee Stadium zoo and don’t let this get back to Houston. Cole vs. Severino on Tuesday (at 4 fucking o’clock). Fuck.

(sorry for the quick blog, we gotta record The Short Porch and it’s 1:15 in the morning) I’ll update it with more stuff after we record.