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RA's Gambling Corner Pick Is Here And We're Off The Schneid Tonight, Folks

On Sunday’s ep during the Gambling Corner, I sounded like I was about to do a twist-ski off the Tobin given my recent gambling woes. But shortly after recording, I pounded Vegas on the puck line over the Kings to salvage my week and, I believe, turn my tide.

So I’m feeling pretty good about tonight’s pick. Tampa lost in Ottawa Saturday and should be suitably embarrassed by that to rebound with a more Lightning-like effort tonight in Montreal. The Habs are coming off a nice 6-3 win at home Saturday vs. the Blues and are a point ahead of Tampa in the standings. Both teams are starting their #1 guys, neither who has set the world on fire yet this season.

Either way, I’m on the Lightning -130 for 1300 to make a dime and -1.5 +200 for 500 to make a dime.

Good luck to all.