Thursday's Slate Doesn't Do Anything For Rear Admiral So His "Celebrity" Buddy Offers A Tip

Of course Whitney whammies me.

There’s a downside to not posting every single one of your plays. Like when you go 0-fer while essentially wheeling a team.

Ouch. In the Battle for Spittin’ Chiclets’s hearts, Lil Cros beat Nate Dogg 3-2 in OT (guessing Landy’s buying the next team dinner)…

And then Twitter turned into a stage in the Poconos in 1960. So naturally, when I get half of it back with a play that I barely get in at the wire, I don’t Tweet about it.


That’s life on these internet streets. The bookie see it and that’s all that matters.

As for tonight, nothing jumps out at me with over half of the NHL in action (of course, once I see who some of these staring goalies are, that could change quickly). But a good pal of mine who doesn’t gamble had a suggestion. If this buddy were to partake in games of chance, he would lean heavily toward a certain desert-based team with a canine nickname and logo. The ARIZONA COYOTES -105 would be his hypothetical pick. OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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