Secret Gambling "Guy" Controversy EXPLAINED

The Beginning:

It was around the 7th inning of the Yankees – Astros game. The Yankees Barstool squad was heartbroken. Looking at the prospect of being down 3-1 to the Astros, the stream had a sense of despair you could feel through your phone. It was going to be 3 more innings of false hope until the stream ended.

At the same time, the Chiefs kicked a field goal to push their point total to 30 points. Jack McCarthy, who runs various social accounts for us, including Barstool Bets, celebrated off camera. Big Cat asked him why the hell was he celebrating such a meaningless score. There was no implication for the spread. No implication for the total. Why the celebration?

Then all hell broke loose. Watch here:

You can see 7 seconds in when Big Cat and Marty, almost in UNISON sit up.

The Allegation:

Jack McCarthy told Big Cat he bet the Chiefs team total over 27.5. Where’d he get that play? He got it from a “guy.” Big Cat asked him what guy? Jack then pointed at Marty and said: “you know the guy!”

Big Cat was pissed:

Dave was pissed:


Why were they pissed? Well, according to Jack McCarthy there was a “guy” who gave out winners like it was nothing. Only a few people in the office knew about him. He mentioned:

Jeff D. Lowe


Karim (another social guy who runs 5th Year & other social accounts)

Secret Meetings?

Jack McCarthy mentioned secret meetings where this gambling guy was discussed. Here is a video of alleged “secret meetings” where the “guy” was discussed:

As you see, Smitty is having a meeting with Big Ev and Marty. Allegedly during this meeting, Smitty was talking about the whole marbles cheating scandal.

Allegedly, this was a deceiving job by Smitty. It was believed that this was a front for the alleged secret meetings, which was also, ALLEGEDLY, seen by Big Ev and Marty.

Jack McCarthy Crumbles

One of the most shocking parts of the stream was when Big Cat was grilling Jack on the “guy.”

That quote?

This was one of the most shocking moments I’ve ever seen in Barstool HISTORY.

To put in context: Jack McCarthy has been a fulltime employee for about 2 months. Big Cat has the #1 sports podcast IN THE WORLD.

Big Cat wasn’t HAPPY!!!!!

Social Guys Involved:

Another guy whose name was thrown out there was Chuck Naso, who runs almost every account in this company.

He got out of bed and then came in to defend himself:

As you can see, I am being thrown into this mix. I did tell Chuck to not release the video above of Smitty talking to Ev & Marty, because I felt it was something that would be blown out of perspective. As you can see, it has been blown out of perspective.

The Dave Phone Call (Starts at 4:11:10 on live stream)

While on phone with Dave, Jack McCarthy somehow makes another mistake. I would say MULTIPLE mistakes on this phone call. The attitude he gives Dave is CRAZY.

Feits reaction to all of this was phenoemanl. What a GIF:

Dave ARRIVES (4:35:00 on live stream): 

Dave confronts Jack McCarthy:

I could describe this with words, but it’s better for you just to watch this.

Dave even said he was going to fire Jack at one point if he wouldn’t give up the names of those who were in these secret meetings. The names of the people in this alleged meeting:

Jeff Lowe



Jack Mac (myself)

I don’t want to ruin the story, but this is false. There was no secret meeting. We discussed this IN THE PUBLIC at the office. We know there are cameras everywhere. We found a potential great capper on Twitter in early October. You know how many Twitter cappers we have found throughout the years that have turned out to be shit? So, yeah, we didn’t run into Dave’s office and tell him. We wanted to know if he was legit, so we started following him (I didn’t even follow him on Twitter, only took plays I heard of from others).

Jeff D Lowe Arrives To Defend Himself:

Jeff D showed up to defend his honor and I must say, he did so in a way that was beautiful. He pretty much cleared his name before the end of his appearance.

He said what was true: a few of us in the office heard about this capper on Twitter who was hot. We discussed him and were impressed by how hot he was. However, this was for 2-3 weeks. Anyone can get hot for 2-3 weeks! I’ve seen 100 Twitter cappers fool me after 2-3 weeks of winning picks!

Who The Fuck Is Kareem?

Earlier in the blog, I mentioned Karim allegedly being involved in all of this. Karim is a new employee who works for the social team. Not everyone knows who he is yet:

However, KFC, kind of knows who Karim is:

This is in reference to Karim being a previous “tweet decker” (look it up). He is a non-content guy who has more followers than a lot of guys in content. He has 66k followers:

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 3.47.26 AM

No one is quite sure how he got them. I’ve heard he used to run a meme account, but he also has a blue checkmark. There’s a lot of questions about this guy. I like the kid. He’s one of my friends in the company. He’s awesome at social and a great addition to the company. However, Dave is VERY mad at him. That all started because Jack McCarthy made yet another bad decision when he decided to start TEXTING ON THE STREAM:

The clip of Dave saying “Karim you are fucking DEAD” is iconic.


One of the underrated parts of the stream was Jack McCarthy didn’t put down the football.

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 4.02.07 AMScreen Shot 2019-10-18 at 4.02.47 AM


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Smitty And I Show Up

My tiddies were out and I defended myself:

The bottom line is this: I’ve known about this guy for about 3 weeks. I’m fresh off the Akron debacle. Telling people about another “hot guy” could go AWFUL. I’m in no spot to talk about hot tips, hot guys, or anything outside of my picks.

I’ve been duped by so many Twitter cappers since I’ve started gambling. I always find myself down. I don’t need to go into Dave’s office or over to Big Cat’s desk and tell them about a guy I’m not sure about. This guy gives out 3 or so plays a week. I’ve seen 7-9 picks from him. My sister can go 7-2 over her next 9 picks. Anybody can get hot. Small sample size, folks! I’ve seen a billion cappers on Twitter say they are 62-27 on the NFL season. Do I believe them? Of course not.

So, Who Is The Guy?

That’s for you to find out. It’s not that hard. Look at the replies. Remember: no free ads.

What’s Next?

We wait.