The Philadelphia Eagles Are A Very, Very Bad Football Team

That’s two straight games of being embarrassed by average/slightly above average teams. That’s 6 of 7 games where the Eagles have trailed by at least 10 points. Start off the game with two straight turnovers in the opponent’s side of the field. Give up touchdowns on 3 of first 4 Cowboy possessions. This team is getting into insufferable territory. But it’s OK, because Doug Pederson can say we’ll win the next week for no reason at all and maybe some other players can call out the next opponent while never backing it up. How long is this administration going to get a free Super Bowl LII Championship pass before heads start to roll? It’s not to that point yet, but it’s getting very, very unacceptable. The Eagles are by FAR the most unprepared NFL squad at the beginning of games since the start of last year. It’s embarrassing.

It’s not over yet, for sure. There’s a lotta season left. But winning the two games vs. the Cowboys essentially guarantees you the Division. This game was so, so big for so, so many reasons and, yet again, The Eagles didn’t come to play. Oh well. The Birds are n 5-1 Buffalo next week, or whatever. Let’s go Sixers.